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4 Forgotten Facts in the Age of Social Media and Web Marketing – Ogilvy

From Ogilvy On Advertising, one of the ad world’s most famous texts.

  • Companies sometimes change ad agencies because one agency can purchase circulation at a slightly lower cost than another. They don’t realize that a copywriter who knows his craft (the experience and skill that induce people to read copy) can reach many times more readers than a copywriter who doesn’t.
  • Ads that are designed to look like editorial pages gather far more readers than those that don’t.
  • Never put large amounts of white type on a black background (reverse). Some say never do it, period. Study after study has proven that it’s difficult to read.
  • Write to the self-interest of the reader rather than treating your audience as a large company or group of people.
Michael Short
Michael Short
Michael drives the sales and customer-service functions, and leads client relationships for 3rd Street Marketing. As an expert in web usability, e-mail marketing, search marketing and social strategy, he ensures that project implementations are aligned with client business objectives.
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