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Are Your Looking For Tools To Help With Your Pinterest Marketing Campaign?

Pinterest is one of the newest marketing platforms in the web world.  Facebook and even Twitter have become too saturated with other marketing efforts.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge either of these platforms, I’m just frustrated.

Facebook has over a billion people using it and Twitter is limited on real estate as far as how much can be posted.  140 characters including spaces.  Limiting and used by too many spammers.

The question is, will I keep using them?  Absolutely and you should too.  First of all, I’m quite comfortable with both and if I wasn’t engaging with both I would be lost.

However, just because I have reached a comfort level doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try new things.  Same goes for you.

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest is the new big thing.  Of course you know that eventually, well soon, it too will be over-saturated   However, in the meantime, while waiting for the next big thing, you should give Pinterest a go.

Pinterest has, and is, earning its business presence and if you blog and use excellent images, Pinterest will serve you well.

So How Does This Apply To You?

Simple, everytime you blog you’re telling a story right?  If you’re not, you should be.  Every story is conveyed better with images.  We are very visual people.

This combination of stories and images is exactly what makes Pinterest work.  People are just drawn to it.  They can’t help themselves.

So how do you get your story and images pinned and re-pinned?  I’m going to share some tools with you that will help you and your online marketing strategies but first.  Your images and story has the potential of going viral.  How?  The re-pins are shared not only on Pinterest but also Facebook and Twitter.  That should get you thinking.  Now for the tools that can help you reach your goals:

1.  Pinwords – This site is great for adding your images and text to.  You can even add quotes to your images.  Easy to use and free.  This will help you and your presence.

2.  Pinstamatic – Now this is a full service tool.  The features that this site offers are above and beyond your other choices.  I use it all of the time.  Here is a summary of some of its best features:

*  Use sticky notes on your pins as a message or explanation to your readers.  So useful.

*  You can add your favorite Spotify tricks to your Pinterest boards so when your readers click on your image they will be able to play a song you selected.  Pretty awesome.

*  If you have a live shop or you have an event you’re sponsoring, you have the option of adding a map to your board.  Your readers can find you locally and engage with what you are doing.

*  You can use a theme of your choice and add your chosen text to.  Create your own words and quotes, or borrow from someone else.  I love quotes.

*  You can check your work by entering you url in the browser.  This before you pin your final work.

3.  Pinpuff – This is an incredible tool to evaluate how you are performing on Pinterest.   You simply enter your email and sign in name.  Pinpuff calculates your Pinfluence.  This tells you how popular you are and the value of your pins.

Pinpuff also keeps you in tune with your marketing strategy and its successes or failures.  If you see that your Pinfluence is not that high then you need to tweak your process.  Make the necessary changes and watch to see if your Pinfluence changes for the better.  Make more adjustments if you need to.

I leave you with one more thought about Pinpuff, you can check your competitors Pinfluence too.

4.  PinAlerts – PinAlerts is a very clever and useful tool.  You can add as many sites as you’d like and if there is any activity on it like a re-pin from within or visitor activity, you will be alerted via email.

If you have this information, think of it, you can email a Thank You for their visit.  You are engaged with your viewer and building a relationship.  This alone makes this site invaluable.

5.  Reachli – This tool measures your success good or bad, and gives you the insights needed to optimize it.  It’s a great tool to check and measure the efficiency of your marketing campaign.  Huge help with huge differences.

6.  PinSearch – With this tool you can research all url’s using an image or text.  This is a Google Chrome Browser and its use can keep you ahead of the competition.  You find all images and content using the search info entered and then see what has been posted and rewrite making your changes that will catapult you beyond what has been written.  Think outside the box but don’t forget by doing that you leave the inside empty so think in both directions inside and outside.  Be the box.

Michael Short
Michael Short
Michael drives the sales and customer-service functions, and leads client relationships for 3rd Street Marketing. As an expert in web usability, e-mail marketing, search marketing and social strategy, he ensures that project implementations are aligned with client business objectives.
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